Logo Design 
Your core visual identity
Your logo is easiest way to recognise and distinguish your brand. If your logo looks amateurish, then so will you. Leave the key stone to your visual identity with me and you’ll end up with a professional, unique and memorable design.

Tying your identity together
If you want to strengthen the perceptions of your business, then strong branding across your marketing and promotional materials is needed. Good branding elevates your like for like products or services and gives people reason to choose you over your competitors.

Marketing & promotional materials
Using your existing branding or creating a brand from scratch, I can provide a wide range of printed materials for your business or brand. I can also help your source and save costs on a wide range of printed materials including posters, flyers, banners & promotional gifts.

Social Media
Spreading your reach
Many brands engage in social media in order to be keeping up with the Joneses’. I can help you realise the importance of a committed social marketing strategy and create the distinct visual materials to generate the impact needed to stand out. 

Motion Graphics
Moving your message
Compliment your visual language with animations and video that grab attention. Motion graphics can refresh your brand, product or message by taking complex ideas or processes and making them easily understood and memorable. Because of this they promote sharing of your content which feeds back into your social media impressions and search engine rankings.
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